Welcome to the Suteki Japanese learning system.

Suteki is a new way of learning Japanese, putting the focus on content and culture and not on mechanics. Users can use the Player to watch and interact with videos, which may contain clickable regions and subtitles.

For example, you may be able to click certain areas of the video to link to explanations of that content. You may be able to click on words in subtitles that you don't know to see an explanation of the word, or the grammar the word is involved in.

For more information or help, see:

Or start playing with the demo videos that are currently available:

  • Dr. Horrible - Shows subtitles and a region.
  • Gatchaman Outro - Regions (can you spot the moving one?) and subtitles.
  • Hausu - A bunch of regions in the diner scene.
Not all features are currently implemented, and the videos are not fully annotated yet, but we're getting there.

Note also that Javascript must be enabled for this to work. In fact, Javascript must be enabled for the help system to work! In addition, You must have FlashPlayer 9 or later installed. So please make sure these conditions are met, or it won't really look like I've done any work at all and that would be sad.